Money, money and money.

Bergini Francis
3 min readOct 13, 2021

We all want money, in fact we spend half or 3/4 of our 24 hours to earn money while some people earn money easily. Have you ever thought how these billionaires and millionaires make money easy as that? Do you think it is easy? Money making process may be easy or hard but before that, we have to understand some basic principles about money(you can think money as a energy)

  1. Show unconditional love for money

Let us understand what is unconditional love when it comes to money. Let us say, I love a boy, I do love him although he has flaws and he is not perfect. I just love him without any conditions-unconditionally. Likewise accept the money you have with love. You may have Rs.1000 or Rs.150,000 in your account, but are you happy with Rs.1000 you have or you’re unhappy with Rs.150,000?

Pause and think, you may make this mistake that’s why money doesn’t likes to come to you my friend. We make money to spend on things or experiences not to possess piles of money in the bank. If so, you should enjoy spending money. Do you really enjoy spending money? I guess most of us hesitate to spend. We have greed for money not love for money. I have seen in my life, whenever I am happy to spend, the money just returns to me back so early. I always get surprised.

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2. Don’t count your money

Since we are in greed for money, we tend to check each time we spend. Each time we spend, money doesn’t increase, right? which implies we are focusing on scarcity not abundance. So simple, right?

3. Break your limited beliefs

One of my friends in university, always used to tell me, only rich can live a luxurious life because they can get money from their parents. We are deemed for monthly salary. We can’t even think about business in our life. What I saw from him is, he has a belief that, only rich can get rich not poor. He himself limit his opportunities. Likewise there are many barriers, a typical society believes things which are influencing the financial status of a person are education, family background, situation etc. Go and read the stories of rich people. These are not the barriers they faced. Uneducated man could become a millionaire. All is about our mindset. If you believe you can’t become rich, definitely you can’t.

4. Focus on your desires not on paper cash

Do you enjoy getting bags of cash? Do you enjoy touching Rs.5000 notes? No, because you enjoy the things money can get you. A luxurious car, a picturesque destination for a vacation, the smile you get when you gift your beautiful wife etc. This is where your focus should be in.

5. Be happy with your current financial status

As law of attraction says, you get what you focus on. Similarly when you focus on that you have Rs.10,000 instead of saying I have only Rs.10,000, universe will bring more money as a surprise. I have lent some money to a known person. I didn’t had a second thought of giving and I didn’t worry when he will return back. And I believe I am abundant with money. Actually the person returned the money before the date he promised. This is a small example but this is how big things enter our life.



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