An antidote for back pain — Planking

Bergini Francis
1 min readMar 4, 2023

If you have a female sibling or close friend who has given birth to a baby, you would have heard a lot about back pain because back pain after delivery is normal. Back pain can range from muscle aching, burning, or burning sensation.

How it affects our life

It makes our day-to-day life harder when walking, sitting, and other bending movements. We are relieved when we lay our bodies in bed in a straight line. We cannot be our true selves when we are in pain.

Causes of back pain

Back pain can be caused by prolonged wrong posture, continuous heavy lifting, and improper lifting, lack of exercise, over weight, smoking, etc.

How to prevent it and role of planks

So by creating an active lifestyle that gets rid of being overweight and wrong posture, we can prevent it. When it comes to exercises, the plank is effective because it is a compound exercise focusing on your core; enhances your overall balance, boosts your overall metabolism, makes you stronger when it comes to performing other exercises, defines abs, and significantly reduces the risk of back pain and spinal column injury.

Are you ready for planking? If yes, you could visit the below and above Youtube links.

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