3 Stress relief quotes.

Bergini Francis
2 min readMar 9, 2023

You and I come across stress or anxiety in day-to-day life. Sometimes we worry too much and end up overthinking which drains our mental and physical energy. Sometimes, talking to a friend removes that stress and gives us a lighter weight in our minds. The following 3 quotes could do the same.

Manage stress at workplace
  1. “It is better to do one’s own dharma imperfectly than to do another’s perfectly”

Until a certain age, it feels good to live up to the expectations of society. Later things change. Our satisfaction and happiness are of utmost importance than how much we earn and living to the expectations of the world. The reason why we compare ourselves with others is due to the role model of society. Once you have found happiness in what you enjoy, you won’t care about society.

2. “Nothing can be achieved by force but everything can be accomplished by love”

The times when I try to force things on people in my life, nothing changes. But when I make an effort with love instead of force, I have seen crazy changes. That is why Buddha said “Being kind is more important than being right”

3. “Fear does not prevent death. It prevents life”

I was afraid of speaking what I feel to others because of the following reasons.

  • I might be different from others(1).
  • People may not like me(2).
  • I might be left alone(3).
  • I will be judged(4).

Although I didn’t speak still not everybody accepted me. Some people judge me. And sometimes I was alone. So I decided to speak alog with the fear. Actually, after speaking about what I felt, I had (1), (2), (3) and (4) at the same time, I got real friends. I overcame fear to live the way I wanted to live. Fear is a helpful signal if taken as a warning, not as stress.

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